June 26, 2020

Living in the unknown

is more comfortable as an idea

than it is a reality.

When we find ourselves

in the in-between, we cannot help

but reach out for stability,

flailing our arms

like the blindfolded negotiating

newly arranged furniture.

Alas, it is no use.

The exit and the answ...

April 23, 2020

Eyes gently closed.

Hands on lap.

Feet on floor.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Morning light

warms my prayer.

A buzzing buzzes my ear.

My eye opens

and shuts.

I remain in stillness.

My companion darts

from window to plant to arm.

Thoughts wander.

“Am I being invited to play?”

Thoughts res...

April 9, 2020

Red, newborn fists

hold together crumpled buds

at the ends of patient tree limbs.


they will relax open

into smooth, emerald filament.

The buttery daffodil

rises from winter rest, head still bent -

soon to be lifted and alive.

Coaxed by gentle light,

the natural world...

February 9, 2020

Since the first dawn,

            Wisdom awakened as Queen,

            ancient as time and veiled in mystery.

            All tried to keep her in sight...

October 28, 2019

Maple Tree calls to me.

Her enchantment lifts my eyes

beyond my electronic screen.

“Notice me,”

she says.

And I do.

The lush green of summer

is relenting,

giving way to autumn color.

From the tips of the branches,

working its way

toward the trunk,

the chloroform life is pulling


August 23, 2019

I have never aspired to be 

a fireman

or an astronaut

or the president.

I have dreamed to wake up as

a Wild Flower.

A wild flower

with vibrant Poppy hues and Golden Rod’s unkempt leaves;

Bold as Black-Eyed Susan and independent as Meadow Sage;

Boasting the delicate, unpredictab...

February 14, 2019

The edging light commands

          the lined rock to dance

          in orange and pink hues

          as the Arizona sun sinks behind the mesa.


January 17, 2019

Normally I reserve this blog for original poetry.  But today is different.  The poet of my heart, Mary Oliver, died today.  As a remembrance of her delicate, provocative, and powerful words, here is one of my favorite: Peonies.   (photo credit: Chandra Sherin...