April 21, 2017

After Jesus rose and he tiptoed

out of his tomb in the middle of the night,

he was much sneakier.

People didn’t recognize him right away

so he could say all kinds of stuff

that they weren’t able to hear

when they looked

into his familiar eyes.

That is, until they caught on

to h...

April 12, 2017

Each morning

               when I roll over

               and open the corner of one eye

               and the light wiggles through like an impatient child,


April 8, 2017

I hate you

            because I love you.

You have ruined me completely.

I was fine on my own

            before you showed me what togetherness is.

I didn’t complain, or even think twice about, shouldering the burdens of l...

April 5, 2017

Talk too much
too loudly
too directly
too honestly.

Stand tall
shoulders back
not hiding
heart or breast.

Walk in their own shoes
at their own pace
on their own feet
in their own time.

Appear a little too confident
for a man’s comfort
carelessly, living 
into their truest...

April 5, 2017

Deep in the Northwoods,
where mosquitoes swarm in flocks
and pine trees try to tickle 
the clouds with their needles,

I sit in stillness 
at the end of the dock,
feeling the warm 
coffee cup in my hands.

Sun rays angle through 
the surface of the lake, 
revealing a glimp...

April 5, 2017

Laying under a tree
on a hot summer eve
with the solstice sun still hanging
in the deep, blue sky.

I squirm on the grass
until the roots support my head.
I imagine the tree cradling me
like a baby in her arms.

I look up into the blanket
of leaves wiggling above me,

April 5, 2017


I always wanted thin, delicate arms.

The ones that were meant for

     cascading down harp strings,

     alighting over piano keys,

     pirouetting across a stage.

The limbs intended for long,...

April 5, 2017

Days so still,
life freezes;
time unwinds.

Mist hangs
like each breath
suspended in winter’s air.

Gray clouds obscure
yellow light rays
that gently warm.

Distant past
creeps into the present,
chilling hope.

The earth pauses
in its orbit,
ready to rush into full tilt.

Only t...

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