June 26, 2020

Living in the unknown

is more comfortable as an idea

than it is a reality.

When we find ourselves

in the in-between, we cannot help

but reach out for stability,

flailing our arms

like the blindfolded negotiating

newly arranged furniture.

Alas, it is no use.

The exit and the answ...

June 19, 2020

The tightness in my jaw

from holding

back tears

of sorrow.

The rise in my shoulders

lifted by



The upset in my stomach

when reading

my cousin’s

racial slurs.

The thickness of my tongue

when I am out

of words but still

have something that must be said.

The twitch in my...

June 4, 2020




Sounds almost like it can be earned,

like I did something – deserved.

So seductive, this fallacy.

Then I don’t have to feel badly.

Then I don’t have to feel guilt for my advantage.

Then I don’t have to change my leverage.

How do I set it down,...

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