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Dangerous Drops of Goodness

What appears to be,

seldom is.

The water that runs down our body looks

as if it is going down the drain.

But some sneaky droplets soak into our skin,

adding needed moisture.

A parent’s angry words seem to go in the teenager’s ear,

and with a shrug, out the other.

But barbed phrases

echo far into adulthood.

A strengthening embrace in tragic moments

not only last the 30 seconds,

but carries broken parts

over rugged terrain.

Slammed doors and locked windows

attempt to keep out

the winds of change

and the chaos it creates.

Yet, the swirling spirit

needed for fresh renewal

finds its way


We pretend

to be impenetrable,

safe in our


Yet, only fools deny

the dangerous drops of goodness

that fall from

the Divine.

photo by Teri Holford

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