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The Beatles’ song sings

of that age as a distant future –

the way we all thought

of it in our youth.

It seems the earth

spun around once

too many times;

now that day is upon us.

Here you are.

Not where you expected to be.

Still tall and handsome

but more gray than dark.

Less serious –

your face lined with laughter.

With a wife, dog, and two adult children;

saving for weddings and retirement.

Never mind the number,

you’re filled with ideas and energy;

concocting tomorrow dreams

and grand schemes.

You have plenty more

places to explore,

puzzles to solve,

adventures to enjoy.

In case you question,

rest assured:

I will still be your Valentine,

sharing lots of bottles of wine.

I gave my answer, filled in the form -

yours forever more.

I still need you; I still feed you,

now you’re sixty-four!


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