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Marci Madary has worked in the area of spirituality for over 20 years.  She received her training as a spiritual director through the Franciscan Spirituality Center in La Crosse, WI.  Through listening with compassion, she facilitates and nurtures an individual's spiritual connection.  


A nationally certified Enneagram teacher through the Palmer/Daniels school in the narrative tradition, Marci has taught the Enneagram to groups in a variety of settings and worked one-on-one with individuals, using the Enneagram to help them understand themselves and interpersonal dynamics.  


Marci is also a Reiki master practitioner and is grateful to be able to walk with people in their journey to wholeness and health.  She is passionate about poetry and has a Doctor of Ministry in spirituality.  Now happily remarried, Marci is a widow and mother of two.

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