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Spiritual Direction is the process of walking with people on a spiritual journey. Time with a spiritual director offers an individual the opportunity to share life’s significant movements and transitions with a compassionate listener and guide.

Because each person deeply hungers for a connection with the Divine, time is taken to reflect on the experiences of daily living and notice God’s presence and grace.

Spiritual direction is not about problem solving or being ‘directed’ in a given situation. Rather, a spiritual director guides personal reflection, encourages thoughtful exploration, and provides gentle feedback. In this way an individual uncovers her or his own deep truth. 

People who receive spiritual direction gain a greater insight into their own lives. They benefit by attaining enhanced clarity, inner peace, and a deeper awareness of the sacred and their relationship to it.

In times of change and transition, spiritual direction can be particularly helpful for personal growth and transformation. It is also an aid in making difficult choices and decisions.

Spiritual direction is a tool for a person to examine her or his faith and connect with the Divine in an engaged and vibrant approach. Through spiritual direction, a person may gain a closer relationship with God.


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