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Reiki is a form of energy work where gentle touch is used to release tension and increase energy flow within a person's body. Reiki supports the body's natural tendency to heal itself. People find Reiki beneficial for not only becoming but staying healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing, Reiki is administered by gently "laying on hands."  It is based on the idea that creation is not just made up of substance, flesh and bone, but the energy that flows within.  If life energy is low, then sickness and stress are present.  Conversely, if life energy is high, health and happiness are flowing.


Reiki can:

-Release and relieve stress, anxiety, pain and negativity.

-Gently release unprocessed and/or traumatic emotions stored at the cellular level/memory.

-Provide deep relaxation.

-Promote balance of energy, chakras and other levels of being.

-Provide added momentum for healing during recovery periods following an injury and/or surgery.

-Provide ongoing "tune-ups" for healthy individuals.

-Provide great support and relief for chronic issue management.

-Offer comforting and calming support for those grieving.

-Connect to the Divine, helping to remove/release any blocks or obstacles that may have been present.

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