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Sneaky Jesus

After Jesus rose and he tiptoed

out of his tomb in the middle of the night,

he was much sneakier.

People didn’t recognize him right away

so he could say all kinds of stuff

that they weren’t able to hear

when they looked

into his familiar eyes.

That is, until they caught on

to his game and said, “Oh Jesus!

You again!” With a grin,

he would be gone,

at least until the next time.

Like the other morning,

when I woke up

in my lover’s arms. His

tenderness pulling me near.

I sniffed and smelled

a hint of new life.

Fresh hope was in the air.

As I inhaled, I thought,

“There is that wonderfully

sneaky Jesus.” I opened

my eyes – he glided away.

In his wake,

the dawn’s light

was all that he left.

(photo by Ed Siderewicz)

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