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Sapiential (relating to wisdom)

Since the first dawn,

Wisdom awakened as Queen,

ancient as time and veiled in mystery.

All tried to keep her in sight

but often had to guess her

true intent, filling in elusive details.

In the turn of a century,

Science showed up:

sleek and stylish with clear lines

and well-defined guidance.

Hungry for deeper understanding,

many flocked to sit at his feet.

Smitten with Science,

they shunned Wisdom, rocks thrown

at her until she left her throne

and went underground,

revealing her brilliance to only

those who searched with a sincere heart.

As fashionable as Science had been,

eventually the crowds thinned,

and whispers from those missing

Wisdom’s mystical curves

grew wings

and floated in the breeze.

Having caught wind

of the murmurs, logically

Science went in search of Wisdom.

Initially evasive,

Wisdom let Science find her

in a meadow of wildflowers.

Though pitted as adversaries,

they stood near

each other.

The distrust waned

with each cycle of the moon.

It was good.

With a motion

so gradual even the nearby bees

could not detect, Science reached

for Wisdom’s hand. Their


intertwined down to the webbing, and

Science plainly spoke in Wisdom’s ear:

“You complete me.”

photo credit: Ed Siderewicz

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