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A Birthday Bouquet




Roses are red,

daffodils are yellow.

All these 67 years

you have been a fine fellow.


Carnations are pink,

grass is green.

You are the finest man

I have ever seen.


Violets are purple,

lilies are white.

I fell so hard for you

I couldn’t put up a fight.


Daisies are common,

orchids are rare.

About every inch of you,

I deeply care.


Irises are blue,

lavender is relaxing.

Being with you

is a joy and never taxing.


Tulips are lovely,

azaleas are bright.

Because you are God’s,

your soul emanates great light.


This poem may be silly,

but peonies smell like heaven.

And throughout this year,

I hope you celebrate being 67!

photo: Ed Siderewicz


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