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"Same Drama, Different Day"


Was my response when a friend

asked about work.

Some moments it feels like

a little progress;

then the mud oozes underfoot

and all I can do is keep my balance

while sliding backward.

Weary as I spin in the same struggle.

In hopes of restoration,

I took a walk in the woods

and came out with a bite from a serious spider.

Slowing my pace rather than lifting my spirit.

It all seems too familiar.

Are we destined to live

our personal soap opera?

Big emotions and repeated dialogue.

With plotlines so circular, a viewer can skip a week

of episodes without missing a beat.

Like the guy who rants

slight variations of the same theme

at every encounter.

It took over a month to heal

the massive bite

on the back of my leg.

But heal, it did, with care and medication and time.

What is needed to move out

of the rut that leaves

the car in the ditch?

What changes the channel?

Something more than just time.


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