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Devil Worship

We blinked away the light

upon entering the darkness.

A cavernous room opened before me,

like the mouth of some great beast.

Carvings of breasts – bare, with nipples extended

taunted you with their protrusion.

Our every movement uncomfortably followed

by circular yellow and orange eyes, three on a face.

My nostrils flared as we inhaled stale smoke and last night’s mop water

smeared on layers of a sprawling brunch.

We caught the lush velvet stage curtains groping the Gospel choir

while their hand-slapping, hip-swaying Jesus was just alright with them.

Paying no mind to the day of the week, perversion hung steady in the air,

its condensation dripping on exposed skin, welcome or otherwise.

Stagnant spirts swirled just below the high-hung celling,

patterning the ice in my drink.

Swallowing quickly, I grabbed your tense thigh.

Wordlessly we arose, our eyes seeking the exit.

Hand in hand, we left for fresher air.

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