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28 Years

I was young, younger than I even realized,

but so elated as my belly swelled,

as your wiggles made ripples on my abdomen.

I couldn’t wait for your arrival

but you indeed

required waiting.

Two weeks before your due date,

I greeted each day with great anticipation.

Perhaps today…

Two weeks after your due date,

and feeling like the Michelin-Tire Man,

I resigned myself to my utter lack of control.

It was only then

you made your grand entrance,

right in the middle of a snow storm.

At the first opening of your blue eyes,

you were awake, aware, and watching.

Both discerning and wise, even in your infancy.

Now, 28 years later,

the joy of you still swells my heart

and moves me at my core.

28 years later,

you are still secure in your own timing,

not to be hurried, moving to your own rhythm.

28 years later,

your wisdom still radiates

as you look deeply into the world.

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