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By your holy love you have redeemed my world

for Janey on her 47th birthday

“Lick, drink, suck,”

my big sis and I instructed the tequila novice

seated at the card playing table.

As sisters we lifted, tipped, and threw back

colorful shot glasses in unison,

sealing a bond that surpasses DNA.

In between hands dealt and crazy laughter,

I looked to my right and saw a woman

I worshipped before I could walk.

Our childhood of Barbies and cribbage games; paper dolls and

playing school; tickle fights, car cuddles, and quiet reading

fueled the growth into myself.

Now, two score and seven years later,

she continues to let me tag along in her life,

shining goodness on me with her generous smile.

Salty enough to lick lips

and with a squeeze of zesty lime,

she is the golden liquid: my elixir from the gods.

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