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The Silly Side

You like the world to take you seriously,

so you are often serious.

Not stern or harsh, but not goofy either.

More quiet, thoughtful. Reflective.

When the door locks

us in for the night,

a different side of you finds

its way to the surface:

the skeptically raised eyebrows

the perfectly timed quips

the sound effects

the hip waggles

the playful pranks and gentle teasing

the bad jokes that you find hilarious

and I laugh only because you are funnier than the punchline

the over-exaggeration; the drama.

I love it all.

A part of me is sad that most others

don’t get to hear

your full-throated,

open-mouthed laugh.

And yet, I am thankful

for the privilege of seeing your sly smile

and knowing the silly in you

is reserved just for me.

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