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marci madary

My Grandma was 98 ½;

she died on my grandpa’s birthday.

He had left this world 5 ½ years earlier.

Cognitively engaged until then end,

it was Covid that killed her.

Perhaps a young person

who worked in her facility

had decided to go maskless to a bar.

A choice that infringed on

my Grandma’s choice to live.

No one really knows.

My Grandma understood hard work

and wasn’t afraid of it.

She could also lay in the sun

by the lake, reading for hours.

She valued family and time

with her sons but did not cling.

Grandma regularly endeavored in creativity:

painting, knitting, crafts - all far beyond my capabilities.

Bridge, mahjong, crossword puzzles:

she was always interested in a game.

Never overly-pious or judgmental,

she attended church weekly –

televised if necessary.

Grandma credited her long life to movement

like walking, swimming, golf –

even chair exercises in her 90’s.

But I think it was more because she was invested

in friendships, tending to them,

even the ones from high school.

She was practical, direct with her words;

clear about her love.

She was exceptional.

She could have lived to see 100

but lonely from the quarantine,

she was ready once the virus found her.

I told Grandma how much I admired her.

She said she felt badly about five things.

I inquired what they there;

she laughed and didn’t tell me one.

Grandma and Grandpa were beautiful

partners on and off the dance floor.

I am certain they are dancing now.


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