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Wild Flower

I have never aspired to be

a fireman

or an astronaut

or the president.

I have dreamed to wake up as

a Wild Flower.

A wild flower

with vibrant Poppy hues and Golden Rod’s unkempt leaves;

Bold as Black-Eyed Susan and independent as Meadow Sage;

Boasting the delicate, unpredictable patterns

of Queen Anne’s Lace.


to grow free - like the fierce Ivy

rejoicing in the Daisy sun and Violet rain.

I’m far from fussy; every wild flower is

unique and lovely,

yet somehow more amazing when surrounded by others.

Someday opening my eyes,

I will gaze into a mirrored woman

and behold her:

both common and singular –

individual amidst many –

fragile yet resolute –

and eternally wild!

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