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Amazing Grace

Originally penned by a slave-ship captain,

a confession of sorts;

this, his prayer of praise

for a conversion of heart.

Something struck that wretched man,

who chained kidnapped people in a hull

and ruthlessly carried them far

from family, from home.

Fifty-foot waves slamming the stern?

Gale-force winds shaking the masts?

Perhaps, the agonizing moans from the ‘cargo’?

Elijah’s quiet whisper or a still, small voice?

Whatever found him

shifted his stars

and altered his celestial navigation,

washing the scales from his eyes.

As I sail through my years,

privilege sweeping my bow,

I wonder how many black and brown lives

lay hidden, suffering under my blindness.

Time is clamoring for radical change.

Structures on cracked foundations

must fall to pieces and systems of bondage, break.

What will it take to turn the ship’s wheel?

Humility to kneel in repentance?

Strength to chant in solidarity?

Stamina to keep on keeping on?

A steady flow of silent tears?

I listen for sweet songs

that will offer needed salvation.

Where is the grace that will amaze

the soul of our nation?

photo credit: Ed Siderewicz

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